Bahamut is one of the seven children of the creator. He is the wisest, and some argue the most powerful, of the seven. He is usually portrayed as a dragon, or a dragon-like humanoid. Bahamut is the creator of the Dragons, the second race to come into the world. He gave his dragons immense magic and wisdom, making the Dragons the most powerful beings in the world. Bahamut believed magic could and should be more than spells and tricks. The magic he instilled in his Dragons was natural and was like breathing to the Dragons.

Bahamut believed that the Faeries had made the world too chaotic, so he charged his children to bring order to the world. In the world before the great kingdoms of the Dwarves and Men, the Dragons reigned as lords. As the civilizations of the younger races grew, the Dragons gave up much of their influence over the peopled lands, retreating to rule the wilds. The Dragons often turn to Bahamut for guidance, and he gives it freely to his children. Dragons have, by far, more contact with the gods than any other race. Other races also worship Bahamut for his wisdom and power. He will aid all his followers, but he gives most of his attention to his Dragons.


Bahamut greatly loved his sister, Yondalla, and he tried to protect her and guide her. But Yondalla was foolish, and her Faeries had powerful magic. One particular faerie, Crom Cruach, was cunning and befriended the naive goddess. Crom Cruach both feared and respected Bahamut’s power, and he wanted such power for himself. Sometime in the year 402 D.A., Crom Cruach convinced Yondalla to grant him access to Bahamut’s stronghold. Once inside, Crom Cruach found Bahamut sleeping in his bed. Crom Cruach then attempted to rip Bahamut’s soul in half and steal some of his power. But Bahamut’s will was too strong, and he stopped Crom Cruach from gaining the stolen power. Crom Cruach did succeed, however, in tearing the soul in half, and the torn half fled the stronghold. In the deep caverns of Umgost Hul, the torn soul took the form of a five-headed Dragon and named herself Tiamat. After the attack, Bahamut was significantly weakened. It took him hundreds of years to gain his strength back, but during that time Tiamat was also gaining strength. She is not yet strong enough to challenge one of the seven, but her power and influence grow every day.


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