Er’ko – Gûrûm Wars


The first great war in Alavara came when the Gûrûm (United) Empire invaded the Goblin state of Er’kzek in the Caranian Mountains. The Dwarves had already pushed the Goblins out of the Atlean Mountains, and the Goblins were not going to budge, no matter the strength of the Dwarven armies. The conflict began when the Goblin city Wesaquay reached out to the Empire for aid in defeating Wesaquay’s rival, the city of Hazmakar. The Dwarves came to the aid of Wesaquay, but only after negotiations. During these negotiations, the Dwarves asked that, in return for their help against Hazmakar, they be given the stronghold of Drzek, in the northern reaches of the Caranian Mountains. The translators became confused, and the Goblins thought they meant just to occupy the stronghold for the duration of the conflict. The Goblins agreed and gave control of the Drzek over to Grand General Magstrom of the Gûrûm Empire.

The Empire and Wesaquay ultimately defeated Hazmakar, but when Wesaquay forces returned to Drzek, the Dwarves would not leave it. The Empire believed the hold was rightfully theirs and sent forces to solidify their presence there. Wesaquay dared not fight the empire on its own, so, after parlays with the Dwarves failed, the Goblins met with the leaders of other Goblin cities in the Caranian Mountains. In the great cavern city of Mezdak, the goblins decided that unification was their only hope against an imperial invasion, and created the state of Er’kzek.


The Er’ko-Gûrûm Wars (or the Er’kzek Wars, Goblin Wars, Dwarven Wars, Imperial Invasion) continued in one way or another for 200 years. After two centuries it seemed as though the Empire and the Goblins had reached a bloody stalemate. But the Khemenid tribe, a human ally of the Empire, dealt the killing blow with an unexpected attack on Drrgo, a large city near the Gulf. The two sides negotiated a surrender in the capital city Mezdak. Khemenid leaders also attended the negotiation and were able to cut out a significant amount of land for themselves. Er’kzek retained most of its cities, but gave up great mines and port towns. The Mo’anore Valley was also given over to the Empire.

Fifty years after the wars ended, Daemon, grandson of Astyages II of the Khemenid tribe (now Kingdom), took his army into the mountains and savagely destroyed Er’kzek. Those Goblins that survived were driven deep underground to parts where even Dwarves dare not delve. The great cities of Drrgo, Mezdak, Alzakr, and Gryg were burned; their great wealth of knowledge went up with the flames. Almost all Goblin culture, history, art, science, and philosophy were destroyed. The survivors underground returned to primitive means of survival. Daemon the Sun King is hailed as the destroyer of Goblin-kind, and the cleanser of the Central Mountains.

Er’ko – Gûrûm Wars

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