Font of Life



The seven younger gods were charged by the creator with populating the world with intelligent beings. After creating each of their races, the gods used a certain cave high in the Atlean Mountains in central Alavara. This cave, and the legendary spring within it, is known as the Font of Life. The Faeries first emerged laughing from the Font. Then the Dragons came and scorched the cave walls as they tested their powers for the first time. Then came the Goblins who hated the sun and stayed in the cave for many years. It was the coming of the powerful Orcs who finally drove the Goblins from the cave. Thus the Orcs came into the world bearing their sharp teeth. The Dwarves emerged and also loved the deep cave. But soon after came the Humans. Unlike the Goblins and Orcs before them, the Dwarves and Humans became fast friends, going out into the world together. Finally, many years later came the elegant Elves. The story of their emergence comes from the Elven historian Dairo Druan:

The gods had brought their children to the world,
And from the Eithecuil were they all born.
But Corellon had taken special care,
To give his Corelonar holy grace.
And when he went to bring his children forth,
He saw that Numdaestr and Etugen
Had turned the mountains into battlefields,
And made unsafe the journey to the wood.
And so he cast a brilliant white light
To blind all creatures while his children fled
To forests deep and valleys low to hide.
And there amongst the peace and green they ever will abide.


The Protectors

In 1832 D.A. the gods’ hold over the Font loosened, and the Numdaestr Dwarf family were able to take control of the holy site. Due to military campaigns throughout the region, the Numdaestr could not post a significant garrison at the Font. Grendi Numdaestr, a devout priest, took over management of the Font and established the order of the Protectors. Initially, the Protectors were Dwarven priests and clerics worshipping Dal and Moradin. These Dwarves defended the Font from Orcs, Goblins, Humans, and other Dwarves. Many wished to control the Font, for it is believed that those who hold it have favor with the gods. In the year 2328, the Numdaestr family was driven from the mountains, but the Protectors held strong against the Orc invaders. Needing aid, the Protectors allowed Humans to join the order. Over the years kingdoms, clans, and empires fell, but the Protectors remained. While all races eventually served as Protectors, the High Guardian, the head of the Protectors, has always been a Dwarf.

Font of Life

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